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About The Book

I invite you to walk with me through the gate of a sacred sexual heaven that begins in your own hearts and minds and then is expressed in your body with your lover. These poems will guide you to the gate of ecstasy in your own heart. It's up to you to go in and explore your new found garden. Within you, you will experience pleasures beyond the normal sense of sight, sound, touch, and taste. You will begin to experience something more spiritual and lasting within yourself and with your lover. The two of you will be truly blessed and enjoy a lifelong union of healthy erotic sexual relations.


  • Love is pure power

    When all we.do eminates.from.the foundation of Love…we activate pure power

  • We are destined to love

    We are all created in the image of the God of love and we are therefore chemically, genetically, and spiritualy destined to Love.

The Book

• Builds Healthy Marriages
• Improves Romance and Intimacy
• Increases Sexual intimacy
• Stimulates Sexual Activity
• Draws couples closer to God
• Improves couples Spiritual Relationship
• Promotes a Sexual Awakening between partners
• Increases libido for men and women
• Heals hearts and cleanses the soul
• Improves love of self and Increases self esteem
• promotes communication for better romance
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